Our Mission


The Spoken Word of God, an international radio broadcasting ministry, was founded for the sole purpose of reading the Bible in the national language of the peoples of the world.


To date, the Bible has been recorded in over 20 languages with the objective of beaming them to the regions of the world where those languages are spoken. These missionary radio programs are for all five worlds of the globe and are targeted particularly to the countries not yet open to foreign missionaries (about two-thirds of the world) and to the 860 million illiterate people, 600,000,000 of whom live in Asia alone.


Our goal is to meet the needs of missionary radio by producing programs in the idiom and accent that is easy for listeners to understand and with the end objective of winning people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


We are in fellowship with you …committed to delivering the greatest message ever told, controlled by the authority of Scripture and constrained by the Great Commission.