Our Story

Founder Jack Turney

Driving home from work one day, R. B. “Jack” Turney switched on his car radio and heard the message of salvation preached by Dr. B. R. Lakin. That very day he asked the Lord Jesus to become his personal Savior and his life changed from that moment. His wife, Ruby, also found the Lord while listening to Dr. Charles E. Fuller of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour on the radio.

After a 27 year career in all four branches of the military, the Lord directed Jack to establish Christian Duplications, Inc. in 1971, (and five other corporations) which eventually led to the first recording of the Bible on cassette.

Jack’s own conversion experience through the medium of radio made him aware of radio’s potential in missions. Getting the Word of God out over the airwaves became the goal of The Spoken Word of God, a ministry he established in 1981 and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1985.

The Spoken Word of God is dedicated to broadcasting the Bible around the world in over 20 languages. Today the reading of God’s Word (without any other comment) is aired domestically and internationally throughout the world. Many people have been reached for Christ through these broadcasts…souls which may not have heard The Good News.

Reaching behind the Iron Curtain

The Spoken Word of God has done missionary work in Russia, the Ukraine and other European countries. For several years before the fall of the Berlin Wall and Communism in the former Soviet Union, Spoken Word of God annually spent $200,000 to broadcast the reading of God’s Word and send copies of the written Word into the Soviet block nations. Countless numbers were eagerly waiting for the influx of missionaries that was to come.

Miracles in India through SWOG

Joshua Madasu

Over twenty years ago, near Hyderabad, India, a young man in a thatch-roofed hut turned on his radio. This man’s father was a preacher, and was also his hero. With a desire to serve the Lord in the villages of India, he listened to the reading of Holy Scripture about Jesus going from village to village teaching. At the end of the broadcast the announcer said that this program was sponsored by The Spoken Word of God, Orlando, Florida.

That young man was Joshua Madasu, and he boldly contacted the man who founded The Spoken Word of God, Jack Turney, Christian businessman.

A Partnership is Formed

A partnership was formed that was to be formidable. After taking a trip to the U.S.A., Joshua began establishing churches in the villages of India, carefully avoiding the big cities, where most of the Christian work being done in India was centered.

As a matter of fact, Joshua, in making his decision, turned his back on his father’s already established work, and set out to do as Christ did, going from village to village with the good news.

One by one, churches sprang up, and Joshua stayed busy trying to disciple men and make them available as pastors of these new congregations. Some met in houses, others in public buildings that were available, and some met in the streets!

This is where Turney and The Spoken Word of God stepped in. He used his business contacts in the USA, and his contacts with churches through his business, Christian Duplications, to lay the burden of these churches, and the vision of Joshua Madasu on their hearts. People began to respond after making trips to India and seeing what God was doing.

A building could be constructed that would house 300 people for $10,000, and a water well for the village could be dug for $1,000. A pastor could be sponsored for a small amount of money each month. Turney began a relentless crusade to help Joshua Madasu fulfill his vision of winning souls to Christ and planting churches in India.

Joshua wanted a building for the new congregations that would have a cross erected on top. When anyone came into a village, they would see the cross, and even the building itself would become a silent witness for the Lord.

Well, the bottom line is… there are now nearly 400 congregations. Sixty-five of those churches now have buildings — made possible by individuals and churches in the USA and elsewhere through Spoken Word of God.

Spoken Word of God is proud to be a key partner in the ministry of this modern-day Apostle Paul! Madasu’s vision is right on target. Joshua is 54 years old, and knows that his time is growing short. With unrelenting vigor, he announced in a recent fellowship rally that by 2010 he wanted 500 churches established, and to see 500,000 souls come to Christ.

Many other projects have been begun to help Madasu’s work. The Spoken Word of God has built a building for a Bible College, and also an orphanage. Cows have been purchased so that the preacher boys can milk them, feed their families, and sell the milk to become self-sustaining.

A New and Exciting Vision

We began broadcasting on a local radio station in Baghdad, Iraq, in 2004. But then on October 31, 2005, daily broadcasts in Arabic began that covers all of Iraq and many surrounding Arabic speaking countries. And plans are underway to begin even more intensive and widespread broadcasting in India in Telugu.

Our goal is to bombard the over 60 countries of the 10/40 window with the Word of God! Two-thirds of the world’s people live in this region and less than 3% of the present-day Christian missionary effort is in this part of the world. Over 95% of these people have never heard that Jesus came to die for them and that He loves them.

The reason for these staggering facts is that almost every country in this region is closed to Christian missionary efforts. The false religions of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism have dropped a black curtain around this part of world that is every bit as strong as the Iron Curtain ever was.

But in spite of these obstacles, the Spoken Word of God is sending the Word of God into these countries via radio. And millions are listening, and many are coming to experience the saving grace of salvation.

If you would like more information on how you can become a part of this exciting effort, please contact us at 1-800-23-24253 or e-mail us by clicking on the button below.