All Four Branches of the Lord’s Service

The Spoken Word of God is an important part of the Lord’s Army. But, did you know that it is also part of the Lord’s Navy – Air Force – and Marines too ? Just like our Founder & Chairman Brother Jack Turney – The Spoken Word of God serves in ALL FOUR branches of the military.

The SWOG Air Force: This international ministry uses BROADCASTING to take to the airwaves over the nations of the world. Using radio broadcasts – the Solar Audio Bible – and other quality audio products; we beam the Word of God (translated in over 20 languages) to lost and needy people every hour of hour day. The Holy Spirit of God has used our radio broadcast ministry to soften the heart of lost people to the Gospel of Christ. Praise the Lord for the SWOG Air Force.

The SWOG Marines: Always ready to go into hot spots; SWOG depends on your faithful giving to support Pastor’s and Missionaries on the mission field around the world. These men of God preach the gospel and plant soul winning churches in every corner of the universe.

The SWOG Army: Once the gospel is broadcast and missionaries supported it is time for the SWOG ARMY to move in. Once again , because of your support – we are able to establish long term ‘occupation’ ministries to assist the local church. The construction of church buildings, Bible colleges , and children’s homes are vital mission projects that your donations make possible. Recently, the digging of fresh water wells are being financed to help churches meet the long term physical needs of the people of their country.

The SWOG Navy: While being a fighting machine itself , the SWOG Navy provides the supplies and personnel needed to make each of the varied aspects of this ministry a reality. Those who take mission trips , pray for us , give on a regular basis , and tell others about our ministry are the backbone and NAVY of this blessed work.

Which branch of the Lord’s service are you in ? Are you interested in more information ? Are you ready to join the Lord’s Army ?

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