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Our Solar Bibles allow anyone from any tribe or tongue to receive the full impact of God’s Word.

Click Here to view our Bibles available in Solar format. Any Bible translation available in our catalog is available in Solar format.  Contact us today and hear God’s Word delivered to you via the power of the sun!


Spoken Word of God, an international radio broadcasting ministry, was founded for the sole purpose of reading the Bible in the national language of the peoples of the world.

To date, the Bible has been recorded in over 20 languages with the objective of beaming them to the regions of the world where those languages are spoken. These missionary radio programs are for all five worlds of the globe and are targeted particularly to the countries not yet open to foreign missionaries (about two-thirds of the world) and to the 860 million illiterate people, 600,000,000 of whom live in Asia alone.

Baptist Radio Network

Baptist Radio Network is excited about the opportunity to partner with Spoken Word of God Ministries in proclaiming God’s Holy Word to the World.

BRN is extending the content from SWG around the world via internet live streaming, on-demand streaming, and through a network of affiliate terrestrial radio stations.

Please pray that many will hear of Christ for the first time through this outreach.

To learn more about the ministry of BRN please visit their website at

Calvary TV

The Spoken Word of God was named the Executive Producer of English language programming for Calvary TV of India. Our television programs are broadcast to the state of Andhra Pradesh, India – five other larger states– and to five middle-eastern countries.

Calvary TV is a Christian-owned television network reaching India and the middle-east with the gospel. The Spoken Word of God is responsible for all of the English language programs on the network.


Our ministries extend beyond the distribution of the spoken Word of God to the peoples of the earth. Click Here to see how you can support the mission of Jesus Christ in your own way.