Become a Monthly Supporter

Spoken Word of God depends on its monthly ministry partners to supply the various audio resources to the peoples of the world. Would you prayerfully consider joining us in our ministry?

When you purchase products from Spoken Word of God Ministries, your purchases help broadcast the Bible around the world in more than 20 languages.

Bible Broadcast

The very foundation of the Spoken Word of God Ministries is the broadcasting of the Word of God both here and abroad.

Our vision has always been to broadcast the pure, literal Scripture, without commentary, to multitudes of listeners worldwide.

We are now broadcasting in Baghdad and other Middle Eastern countries. The impact is the salvation of souls in countries historically hostile to God’s Word.

We need many to sponsor these broadcasts on a monthly and annual basis. Please pray about giving monthly to sponsor a Spoken Word of God Broadcast.

Cow Project

A cow becomes a source of additional income for a national pastor and his family. How is possible, you might ask???

The Spoken Word of God will purchase two or three cows, and these cows are given to the Pastor for care so that the he might sell the milk to the government. This also provides the Pastor and his family personally with plenty of milk and butter. When male offspring is born, the Pastor may elect to kill and eat it, or sell the male cow.

Total SPONSORSHIP for a cow is $575. Please donate today to continue this worthy project.

Well Project

The people of India need clean water to drink. The Spoken Word of God, with help of your sacrificial gifts, will assure that this project continues to be a reality.

These wells not only provide clean drinking water, but as the village people gather around a well, located on a church property, and fill their water vessels, they are introduced to the Gospel, and the One who is the Living Water!

A well costs $2,000. Please pray and consider how you can give that others can drink clean, pure water!

Church Building Project

The need for church buildings and places of worship for new converts is a blessing indeed! Many have come to Christ, and now these national Pastors and their converts desire a place to gather and worship to the glory of God!

The Spoken Word of God has had the privilege of constructing 83 churches with help of our donors and church-sponsored efforts. The heat and torrential rains make it difficult to worship out in the open.

Thank you for considering how you or your church collectively could help sponsor the building of a church in India. A smaller church building can be constructed for $18,000.

Preacher Boy Project

Our Bible colleges in India have graduated well over 250 students in our 4-year Bible college program. Our annual graduation takes place in the Spring of each year, and with God’s grace, your prayers, and support, this mission will continue.

These graduates become national pastors and form congregations in many of the villages and remote areas of India. The Gospel is making its way to places you and I cannot go because of the call of God on the lives of our Bible college students.

The students need $125 a month to provide their tuition, board, food, and personal needs. Can you sponsor a student for several months or a year?

Orphan Project

The Spoken Word of God is privileged to provide a place where unwanted and neglected children can be cared for and shown the love of Christ. These children need a place of security, love, comfort, and introduction to their Heavenly Father in a wise and caring way.

We can house, clothe, and educate an orphan for $60 per month, but we need your help. Many are turned a way for a lack of funds. Please help us!