Current Prayer Needs for Our Ministry in India

This woman is listening to a Spoken Word of God solar-powered audio Bible in her native language.

In your prayer time, please lift up our needs as we reach the lost in India:

  1. Please pray for 100+ pastors who recently completed a vigorous soul-winning training program sponsored by Grace Bible Church, Orlando, Florida.
  2. Pray as we establish a second television station in Northern India. Current equipment needs for this station are: Apple Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, I-Mac, Sony VTR SDI, cameras, internal and external hard disks, and a Black Magic Deck Link. Praise the Lord that the first television station is doing well after only a year of operation.
  3. Pray for the Indian language Bible project.  Several theologians have used the King James Bible to create a Telugu and Hindi Bible translation that corrects many of the errors found in the old Indian Bible translations. These “entire” New Testaments in Telugu and Hindi are ready for printing. Additional funds are needed for this project.
  4. Pray for the 83 churches built by the Spoken Word and supporting churches and individuals these last 25 years. Pray especially that their Pastors will stand true to preaching and teaching the Word of God.
  5. Pray for a new Bible college scheduled to open in June of 2013. The first Bible college operated by the Spoken Word of God has graduated over 200 students. Praise the Lord for faithful donors who have been supporting our ministry in India for over 25 years.