Treasure Chest Wild Life Volume 1

Treasure Chest Wild Life Volume 1

Did you love the Treasure Chest Bible Stories as a child? Well Good News! You can now purchase your Treasure Chest Bible Stories on a Story Teller Solar Player with a cuddly Teddy Bear or Tiger included! Give a gift with a spiritual influence this Christmas to your little ones. Any child would enjoy listening to these dramatized Bible Stories because it makes the Bible come alive for them! While entertaining, these stories are also educational. Each animal comes with 12 individual dramatized Bible stores on it’s solar unit. Each audio player features an on/off button, and a large single button that controls the volume level, advance to next story, and pause. Typical battery play time 5-12 hours. Receive in a stocking ready to hang over the fire place.



You save $10.00 (25%)!

Bible Stories to enjoy!

Treasure Chest Series TM – Volume 1

1 – “Elijah – Fed By The Birds”

2 – “Elijah – God Sends The Fire”

3 – “The Crucifixion”

4 – “The Resurrection”

5 – “Jonah – Fish Catches Man”

6 – “The Devil’s Jug”

7 – “The Boy Who Stayed Behind / The Annunciation”

8 – “The Birth of Jesus”

9 – “The Scarlet Cord Escape”

10 – “The Lion Who Got His Dinner”

11 – “Five Stones And A Sling”

12 – “Noah And The Big Boat”