Who We Are

The 10/40 window are people groups that are still unreached by the Gospel. They live in places stretching across the maps of nothern Africa and Asia.

We are committed to delivering the greatest message ever told, controlled by the authority of scripture and constrained by the Great Commission.

Our Staff


Marilyn Turney

I have been the president of SWOG since 2011 and I have worked alongside my father, R.B. “Jack” Turney (Founder of SWOG) in various roles my whole life. We have a commitment to communicate the Bible in the national language of the people. We have produced the Bible in 20 languages with the objective of beaming them to the regions of the world where they are spoken with the end objective of winning people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our motto is: SEND ME, THE PERFECT MISSIONARY… THE WORD OF GOD!

Barbara Fortilus

Hi there! I’ve been working for SWOG since July 2015 and I absolutely love what I do! My purpose here is to impact and influence God’s Kingdom by spreading the Word of God. I have a young innovative spirit that helps with administration, Digital marketing, And event coordination. My main goal in life is to decrease myself, so that God can get all the increase through my gifts and talents. It’s not about me, but it’s about who I serve. –John 3:30